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poe loot filter editor, The best there is

Never miss that valuable loot, play with tools the experts use

You probably seen this before: in Path of Exile, a lot of items can drop on one screen. Can you still keep calm and loot on at this point? Can you keep playing with the default colors? I bet that sometimes you would have wished a certain valuable item would be a lot clear to see than the other items on the floor.

The GameNable Poe Loot Filter Editor is  exactly what you need! Our Poe Loot Filter lets you easily adjust the background colors, text colors, border colors. But there is even more: you can also adjust the text size and even the dropping sound of the items.

Reach the highest gaming experience and your all time high wealth with the poe loot filter editor



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3rd party tools Our selection of great tools

 GameNable doesn't only provide own made tools, but also provides tools made by others. Specially for you, GameNable has chosen and provides you with a lost of the top x tools, for the gamers who deserve more. Next to providing tools we also show you the way to the best Tips & Tricks for your games. 



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